Pomegranate Tree in Winter

Pomegranate Tree with old Fruit
Before my sister picked me up yesterday afternoon for an hour\’s drive up the mountains to see the snow, my intention was to stay home and explore the backyard and the suburban neighborhood. Watching the webinar \”Birding to Beat the Winter Blues\” that I posted on a previous blog post inspired me to pay closer attention to what is around me. To get to know the birds in a deeper way, their personalities and habits (not just their identification) and the plants and trees, watching everyone, all life and individuals. as they change, grow, and go about their day.
In the morning, I was attracted to the pomegranate tree. I liked the way the rain drops formed beads that shimmered like tiny jewels. I took a few photos noting the rotting fruit.
In the afternoon, before we went on our drive, I looked out the window and noticed what I believe is a mockingbird on the branch next to one of the beat up, bruised and broken pomegranates barely hanging. If you look closely, I think you can see her near the lowest ball of fruit.
As I kept watching, I was surprised and delighted to see her stick her head into the pomegranate fruit to eat the ruby colored seeds inside. Here I thought, it was wasted fruit!  
I have always enjoyed bird watching. Now, I find myself going deeper by paying attention to the full lives the animals live in our backyards and neighborhoods. A revelation from reading Jenny Odell\’s book \”How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy\” and the webinar is the reality and a reminder that the animals in our yards and neighborhoods are part of our community, as much as we are paying attention to them, they are paying attention to us.


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