Sound Bathing for Healing and Journeying

This is the taped video of the sound bathing meditation I participated in last night during the Full Wolf Moon in Leo. If you are receiving this post by email, you may need to go direct to the blog website to access the video I have posted here.

I was going to write a detailed description of sound bathing. When I went back to listen to the tape to take down some notes, I found that the video of last nights meditation was uploaded on YouTube.

This is wonderful!  Instead of writing about what a sound bath is, you can try it for yourself. I didn\’t watch the video during my meditation, I listened to the taping of it with my headphones. So, I encourage those of you interested in trying a sound bath meditation, to hook in your headset or earplugs and listen, you don\’t have to watch it, that way you can have the full experience and go deep into your meditation.

Last nights meditation was very healing for me. Some people experience healing, others journey or get visions, it\’s relaxing, and well worth the time to experience.

For me, I didn\’t realize how much sadness was weighing down my heart area impacting my breathing. I was able to release a lot of grief and sadness from Scott\’s death and transition. This helped me breathe better this morning, I feel much lighter in my chest area, and I am able to feel my love and connection with Scott deeper.

I would love to hear your experience if you choose to do the sound bath. Please email, mail me, or feel free to comment below.

I really enjoyed the sound bath meditation and will be doing more!


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