Life of Dreams

Clouds behind Tree
Northern California
On our way to the snow the other day
I want to live so many different lives in this one. It goes without saying that Scott is in every one of those dreams however impossible it seems.
I find myself grateful for this time to deepen my spiritual practice, my rituals, my meditations, my reading, the space to learn and create.
I dream of a small vineyard, a modest farmhouse, two horses, two dogs, a cat and flock of hens. Maybe a goat or two.
I dream of visiting friends on the East Coast than hopping over to Europe to visit Spain and Italy maybe work myself up North.
I dream of staying here in the San Francisco Bay Area where I was born and raised, exploring every inch of it, not missing a moment to see and experience every taste and sight of it.
I dream of leaving here and being with Scott immersed in the mystery, a dream that has no chance to be born until my own death falls upon me.
I dream of so many lives, a life of dreams. I\’ve lived so many of them already. What dream will be realized next. This time, my hand is not in it, maybe it never has been. I feel I am guided forward, and backward, side to side, my life is not just my own, there are many orchestrating some sort of purpose for the rest of my time here, all towards doing good, being love, and finding healing.
In the meantime, between dreams, I live fully awake, looking for the miracles dancing around me. There are so many of them, I just need to keep my eyes and heart open to continue to see them.


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