The Soul of a Tree

Driving through one of the burn areas
Napa, Northern California

The Soul of a Tree 

I didn\’t know the soul of a tree burns within
until you took me there
A door appeared and vanished in the rough bark
I followed you closely, crawling inside reaching the core

We sat together nestled in this small space
 a marvelous orange glow of warmth sheltered us
I looked into your eyes, feeling at home
my hands received the blue sapphire
a gift you offered to me

I cradled it, protecting the emblem
We watched as the crystal breathed life
creating the deepest of blues from sky to sea and
brilliant lavenders birthed from a heaven of flowers
the circles of color and light weaved and danced

We watched the circles of lavender and blue light until they grew smaller
reaching backwards they returned to the blue sapphire
resting silent and still in the cup of my hands
Softly closing them together in my palm
I brought the blue sapphire close to my heart
where it disappeared as you whispered to me
I am with you now


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