Living Altar

Treasures on Our Altar from Beach Combing over the Weekend
at Doran Beach
Scott always created an altar where we lived representing the four elements: Water, Fire, Air, and Earth. When I left the mountain to move back to Sonoma. I gently packed his altar. 
When I settled here, I reassembled his altar adding a photo of us together and a couple of gifts from nature from me.
Now, our altar is a living, changing altar. His altar is still assembled with all of the natural gifts he collected on our travels.
Our altar holds natural treasures, letters honoring our love from friends and friends of this blog, a candle always lit when I am home (I light it every morning), incense, and flowers.
Our living altar is a temple of devotion to life and love. It will change with time, treasures will be added, released, and added again to show our love for each other, the natural world, our animals past/future/present, and our family and friends.  
When I look at and care for our altar, touch it, bless it, and honor it.  I feel love and gratitude for our life together and all the lives that have touched, blessed, and connect us now and forever. 


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