My Path


Three Egrets
Salt Marsh
Bodega Bay, Northern California
I read. I study. I am always searching. 
At this time, and through-out my life, I have read books and studied spirituality, religion, and the after life.
Everyone has different ideas. Everyone has a slightly different or extremely different approach on how we should grieve when experiencing grief and loss. I appreciate reading about other people\’s experiences and I appreciate learning new tools I can use to help myself on this journey.
I have found that there is not one book or writing that explains the whole truth or way for me to follow when it comes to loss, grief, a spiritual life, and our connection to the after life and multi-dimensions.
What I do know for myself, that helps me:
1. I know there is no such thing as death, we continue on as the essence of who we are. I know this because I have had the miracle and gift of experiencing it by connecting with my Aunt Cathy, my Grandmother, Scott, and (my Guides/Committee when I was under anesthesia, a story I have written about before which I will share again) and some of my animals after they transitioned. When I experienced what happened after Scott\’s transition, I lost all fear of death. 
2. I spend time in the natural world as much as possible where I find peace and connection.
3. I stay off social media, news, internet surfing, and television so my intuition and connection does not get clouded by negative thoughts.
4. If the information, books, films, talks, podcasts, blogs are based in LOVE and feel AUTHENTIC, and are not solely marketing tools, I dive in to see if there is some gold in there for me to study and practice.
5. I do everything I can (it\’s a daily practice moment to moment) to keep my heart unblocked and open, I follow the light and color with my senses, my camera, my writing, my heart.
6.  I remember I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I am human. I screw up. I get negative, I get angry, I hurt people, I hurt myself. I have a rough time of it. I don\’t beat myself up over that. I get up, and try again. Over and over and over again. I will never stop failing. It\’s part of the plan. It\’s part of learning. It\’s part of opening the heart. It\’s called Forgiveness and Letting Go.
7.  I don\’t worry about what people think of me. I answer to Love.
8.  I am here to love, be of service, and expand my learning and way of connecting deeply.  I am not here to consume products and get rich even though it is tempting. I do enjoy material things.  Consumerism is not who I am and what I am about.
9.  I try to alleviate suffering in every action I take. I fail miserably at this sometimes, I keep trying to succeed.
10.  I will never know all of the answers. I will never get to the end of the path. I will never be fully enlightened. That\’s immortality for you. There is no end. That is what is so fantastic and wonderful about it. We never stop loving, living, and learning!

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