Adventures in Life

Sugar Loaf 
Sonoma County
Northern California
Yesterday morning, I went on a nice walk through Sugar Loaf State Park which is up in the mountains by my home in Sonoma. The nice thing is, there are flat easy to navigate nature trails once you get into the canyon and mountain area. I don\’t have to attempt steep climbs!  
It\’s a bird watching paradise and animal wildlife area, home to mountain lions and black bear. I sighted red tail hawks, blue birds, quail, another huge hawk (I couldn\’t identify) and many species of songbirds. I found a bench I can sit on that\’s hidden in the bush that has a perfect vantage point to see the creek below to photograph wildlife like I\’m on a safari. I\’m really excited about going in the early morning hours. Maybe, I will be fortunate to spot a large mammal, like a big cat:)

Walking on the Nature Trails
Always looking for Mountain Lions
I am in much greater spirits this morning after studying \”Love is Greater than Pain\”,  a book written by Marilyn Kapp whose mentor, Elie Wiesel, Holocaust Survivor, Writer and Nobel Laureate supported her to continue with her work connecting with lost loved ones. 
Marilyn Kapp has a profound, healing, and spiritual perception of the After Life and Elie Wiesel encouraged her to share her gifts by helping those who have lost loved ones by writing and teaching conscious collaboration with those who have transitioned.
I am fascinated by her book. It has helped me to validate my own experience and my connection with Scott after his transition. 
We continue on in our relationships, helping to heal each other, grow, and expand from both sides. Marilyn\’s work confirms this in her uplifting book and helps guide us to a better understanding.
It\’s so important for me and I think probably for most of us to share our truth without feeling like we are \”crazy\” or \”off track\”.  Marilyn Kapp\’s book, her validation of my experience, has given me a boost to carry on with my writing and work here on the blog.
Yesterday\’s Morning Hike
The old horse barn where they used to keep horses 
when I first moved to this area forty years ago!


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