Beings of Light


This afternoon\’s drive through the 
Napa Valley
\”We\’re all just walking each other home\”
-Ram Dass

I\’ve pondered this Ram Dass quote for years. It\’s been one of my zen koans. I think I get it now Ram Dass.
All of us, each and every one of us, is a being of light. Our job is to help each other walk home by revealing the light and love within. We all fall down, it\’s up to each of us, to help pick each other up and illuminate the path with beams of light and love so we can find our way home.
This afternoon, when the light came on, so to speak, when my sister and I were driving through the Napa Valley marveling in the beauty of wild mustard, the fertility of a dormant peach farm hugging the corner of the highway, and the strength and power of massive rock crevices snuggled into the mountains overlooking the emerald green vineyards, I felt rushes of energy through my body, the light sparking within igniting desire. A desire to live, to revel in the miracle of creation, to live in anticipation for the coming summer months when the warm breeze caresses bare skin while live music plays and people rejoice, kissed by sunshine and song. I awakened to feelings of immortality.  I fell into a sense of timelessness today as we looked out over the Napa Valley, the tiny buds of promise, plant life, springing forth towards the light beaming through the grey clouds.
\”We\’re all just walking each other home\”, Ram Dass reminds us. 
It\’s my job, our job, to shine our light into the darkness to help each other find our way home.

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