Early Valentine\’s Presents


Painted Rocks
Lately, the books I\’m called to read and study have encouraged me to keep my eyes, ears and senses on alert at home and during my travels for signs and miracles revealing themselves all around me. 
Today, I took a drive through the early morning fog heading out to Occidental, an old lumber town, a hub for locals since I\’ve lived here. 
This morning, mid-week, riding up over the hills as the fog cleared to a bright blue sky, redwoods and wood burning stoves scenting the air, my route steered me passed cottage farms decorated with butter yellow daffodils and buttons of blooming purple flowers in hibernating gardens waiting for spring vegetable seeding. Arriving in town, I noted only a couple of people waiting in line to order coffee and breakfast at one of the local popular spots usually swarming with people.  After placing an order, I waited on a teal blue bench soaking up the sunshine.
Before settling down at the picnic table out front to have my coffee and veggie breakfast burrito, I noticed a cache of painted rocks hidden about like Easter eggs. I found one psychedelic inspired rock left on the newspaper stand, another sea stone the color of green sea moss perched on top of the community bulletin board, and several nature themed painted rocks neatly lining the table where I placed my bag of food.  
I carefully looked at each one of the rocks arranged on the tables, choosing the one with the heart for our altar at home. I\’ve been looking for a heart the last few days as Valentines is approaching. Scott and I didn\’t celebrate what we called the \”hallmark days\”. Now, I find myself celebrating any day I can to honor our friendship and love for each other and the gift of life.  
Finding the heart, I see, I am not the only one celebrating.
When I got home, a family member left a gift of heart scratchers, California lotto.  I haven\’t scratched them yet to see if I am a winner. 
Scott loved scratchers.  He bought them once in awhile when we traveled the back roads. 
A few nights ago, I had a dream that I won $12,000,000 at a casino by pulling the lever one time.  In my dream, I looked at the printed ticket with my winnings and excitedly exclaimed  \”Now, I can buy horses, lots of horses\”.  
You never know.
California Scratchers

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