One of the side streets in the morning light
Occidental, California
This afternoon, I returned home finding at least a dozen chestnut colored chickadees in the pouring rain madly harvesting seeds from the backyard lawn. They didn\’t stay long, flying off, as soon as I unpacked my mail finding a gift of a lovely handmade bookmark charm. Delicately removing the book charm from its pouch, I found a note explaining the meaning of the charms. The three charms tied to a faux leather cord represent the following:
-A key charm to open the doors to seek truth and gain wisdom
-a crystal charm to enhance wisdom
-a nature charm to connect to source
Every time you place the charm in your book, you will be reminded of the importance of reading!  
It was flawless timing receiving the book charm since I was just out giving away books to friends and shipping a book out to one of the readers of this blog. The bookmark charm is already set, holding a page in one of the two books I\’m reading this week (you can find my current reading list on the right hand side of the blog).

Tonight marks the new moon in Aquarius. I plan on doing another sound bath meditation this evening since the last one was so healing. I am finding the sounds of the healing instruments played during the meditations help me release locked in emotions, especially deep sadness and loss. When COVID restrictions ease, I am looking forward to receiving hands on Reiki and massage as well to help me during this time of losing Scott\’s physical presence.
Spiritually, and emotionally I feel surrounded by love and a higher understanding of our work here, helping each other create, love, and heal.  



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