What Does Valentine\’s Day Mean?

Today, I am celebrating Valentine\’s Day. With a match, I lit a scented apple spice white candle on our altar this morning under dark skies to honor my love and appreciation for Scott and our friendship and continued connection across two worlds.

I am celebrating my love for nature as I listen to the pair of married black crows call back and forth communicating with each other, a morning ritual they perform everyday, reminding me of  infinite love and an ever expanding world. 

I am celebrating life itself, a gift of mystery and adventure that awaits each moment, born from where I live, in the now. 

I am celebrating living and writing from an open heart and spirit while I continue on this journey of expression, touching the past, present, and future creating in an infinity of possibility transcending time and space. 

Knowing I come from love, live in love, and will return to love as I am surrounded and infused by love. 

I  hold the key to infinite love and joy. 

Love is always present waiting for us to unlock the door within.


Published by As the Road Wanders

I am a writer and a blogger from Northern California

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