Bodega Head Hawk Watch

Drive to my Hawk Watching spot this morning
Bodega Bay, California
It was overcast and chilly. I answered the nudge to head out to the coast, to Bodega Head, one of Scott\’s favorite spots on the Northern California Coast. Instead of parking at the ocean cliffs, I climbed up the hills for a view of the bay. When I got out of the car, camera around my neck, my mask stuffed in my pocket, and my jacket tight around me, I watched the couple parked next to me hurry back saying to each other \”it\’s too cold out here\”. That\’s when I spotted the hawks hunting above the coastal brush.
I found a spot near the hunting grounds and watched them navigate the blustery winds. I had a feeling if I kept still instead of trying to follow them, they would fly towards me and hunt near where I was standing.  And within a few minutes, they did. I have been spotting quite a few hawks lately during my walks and hikes.  Curious, I looked up the spiritual animal wisdom meaning for hawks. They represent vision and intuition which seems like a good fit for where I am at these days. 
Hawk flying towards and above me

I have had enough lifetimes in this one life to understand my lifestyle changes over the years. Right now, I am enjoying the connection with wild animals and I am not missing the dependency of having companion animals. I know this will not be forever, I am pretty sure a dog, a cat, a horse or all three will enter the door of this life again.  For now, I am appreciating the freedom of connecting with wild animals.


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