Fearless Driving

Photo taken from the Moving Car
Black tailed Deer near Sea Ranch
Northern California, CA
One of the reasons why I have lived in Northern California and mainly Sonoma County my whole life are the incredible drives, the change in scenery, the micro climates, the wildlife, and the people who understand how critical it is to protect nature and the land, the sea, for the animals, the plants, and our well being.
I don\’t get up to this area along the Northern California coast too often. The area of Sea Ranch is up some crazy cliffs that invoke fear if you make the wrong move, you will be plunged into the Pacific Ocean. Part of the steep cliffs seem to be almost always crumbling away on one side with rocks and mudslides on the other side creating havoc. You can find yourself stuck in a construction zone for a half hour or more waiting for your one lane trip to continue forward a few turns until the road widens again allowing opposite directions to pass each other. 
My sister and Scott are fearless drivers, so fortunately for me, I\’ve been able to be a passenger soaking in the sights without having to pay attention to the hairpin twists and plunging turns along the scenic drive.
On the way up to Sea Ranch on our day trip to Mendocino, we stopped in the town of Jenner so I could get photos of the harbor seals from the vista point. For the first time, I spotted a flock of cormorants on a rock formation. The day was overcast with promise of rain, so the black cormorants appeared as beautiful shadows with just enough space to be comfortable.
Further out, the harbor seals, the slugs of the sea, I call them were napping along the river\’s end. For some reason, they remind me of the big slugs we found in suburban gardens when I was a kid. Close up, harbor seals are cuter and more endearing than the slime covered terrestrial molluscs of my youth. When the seals, pop their heads up from the silky waters and look at me with their big brown soulful eyes, my day is complete and I feel pleasantly lost in the eternity of life and time.

Harbor Seals napping along the River\’s End
Jenner, California


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