My Love for Animals

For several years before I met Scott, I owned and operated a successful Pet Sitting Business. I specialized in horses, farm animals and exotic birds. I loved caring for my client\’s animals, their homes, farms, and ranches sprinkled about Sonoma County. Each and every animal, home, and client was unique and precious. 
Today, I reopened my business after being closed for three years. 
I always preferred having my own business where I can remain independent and provide the quality care and service that I believe in.
With my animal care business, I will be able to cure my horse bug without buying a horse! Also, there will be fun photos, adventures and more stories to share with you about animals, the places, and people I will meet along the way. 
My pet sit business allows me the time and freedom to continue posting on the blog daily.
Reopening my business feels good, it also brings up waves of sadness and grief as I move forward in this life without Scott here physically, our dreams together in this life, evaporating, replaced by my solo journey and path unfolding in familiar and not so familiar territory. I still feel his presence with me and I will continue to write about my love for Scott, my reignited interest in the after life and spiritual realms, and my own deepening spirituality.
Now, I wait, and see who I meet along the trail. I am excited to be working with animals again.


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2 thoughts on “My Love for Animals

  1. I look forward to your writing even more as you share your animal care adventures. You have a \”gift\” for writing, and I greatly enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing so much of your life. Mary Ann (down in GA)


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