Precious Moments in Life

This Afternoon\’s Drive along the Mendocino Coast
This afternoon with my sister on our drive through Mendocino,  I thought and talked about Scott almost the whole time. I\’m grateful my sister doesn\’t tire of my stories and memories.  Driving into the town of Boonville, it reminds me of a child\’s storybook illustrated with farm animals and nursery rhymes come to life. The country roads reveal apple farms and vineyards. Cradled in lush green pastures, perfect wool white sheep with shiny black hooves and red Scottish Highland cattle that must be the most adorable cows on the planet languidly graze. In a month or two when the temperatures reach the seventies,  white bee boxes painted with colorful country scenes, fragrant lavender, cream pinkish white apple blossoms, aromatic herbs and tender spring vegetables will rise up from the earth harvested by wise hardened hands. 
When you ask people in town if they live here, they look at you like a cat who swallowed the canary. Within moments, they can\’t help themselves, their mouths open, confessing how lucky and fortunate they are to have been born into a land of dreams.  
The photos are of a cove on the Mendocino Coast. It is one of my favorite places. Scott and I spent a lot of time at this cove enjoying the sunsets that were so awe and heart inspiring, we both smiled and laughed for the gift of experiencing it, together.  During one of last summer\’s sunsets, I felt like I was on a psychedelic mushroom trip. 
I fell on my knees on the beach sand, thanking the creator, in total gratitude, while Scott sat on a large piece of driftwood, laughing, happy to see me so filled with joy. 
That night I wasn\’t on mushrooms. I wasn\’t hallucinating. It was real. I\’m thankful that night,  I was with Scott.  I will never forget it. It\’s part of me and Scott, that moment in time, an elixir of stardust and love that reminds me how grateful I am that we found each other and experienced what I believe life is all about. 
Those times when we drop to our knees looking into the eyes of the creator praying with gratitude. 
\”this is why we are here\”
This is why we are here. 
Mendocino, California
This Afternoon


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