What Can\’t Be Explained

Driving by the Hay Fields with Scott last Summer
Science can explain many things.
The one thing Science can\’t explain is Why there is something instead of nothing. Why do we exist? 
I can\’t go to Science to explain my spiritual experiences and my belief in the After Life, Infinite Love, and the reason I am here along with all the rest of us, the animals, plants, nature, beings in and out of the physical realm.
I trust myself to explore these questions by going within and finding answers along the path of my journey.
Scientists can\’t explain why cats purr?  Yet, many of us who have had cats in our lives, can explain several reasons why they do.  They just might not be proven scientifically.
I am not going to leave the most important questions in my life up to Scientists to solve.
I am on the search myself. I don\’t need all of the answers. In fact, that would be kind of boring, to know it all. The main reason I love existing is my knowing, that I will never know all of the answers. 
That is what makes this journey and adventure so compelling and exciting. It never ends.
Just like life.


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