Sunday Afternoon

My View this Afternoon 
        Town Square in Sonoma, California
I passed by couples holding hands, and multi-generational families, the children excitedly chattering like chipmunks evading their parents attempts at corralling them as they moved along the sidewalks bordering the town square. The outdoor dining areas were brimming with people eating, drinking, laughing, and smiling in the sun. The temperatures here fast approaching the mid-seventies. 
I fell into line in front of the ice cream shop. When it was my turn, I ordered a scoop of chocolate chip and butter brittle. Carefully, I carried my ice cream before it melted in the warming sun to a lone bench hidden behind the main street where I could people watch in solitude.
In the tree above me, the songbirds flew down to the ground before me searching  for food while I ate my ice cream. I almost felt normal
I so wanted to be happy, I wanted so much to capture the feeling of \”summer breeze makes me feel fine\” the song by Seals and Croft. So many times that song has lifted my mood reminding me of childhood innocence and freedom and my times with Scott. 
Happiness isn\’t so easy to come by these days. Scott used to remind me that \”content\” is good. Happiness is too fleeting. 
This afternoon, I didn\’t find happiness, but I almost found my way to \”content\”.  

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