Experience Self in Relationships

\”Relationships are the only experience in life that brings 
you an experience of yourself in life.
And we are talking here about not only your relationship to people,
but also to places, and things, and even events-
even your relationships to the occurrences of your life\”
-Neal Donald Walsch\’s 
Little Book of Life
Living the Message of Conversations with God

I\’ve been reading Neale Donald Walsch\’s new book \”Little Book of Life\” and it\’s helping me continue with my quest to deepen my spirituality by honoring and caring for all of the connections in my life. When Scott was here, I mainly focused on us. Now, I see myself treating each and every encounter in my life differently. 

Recently, I wrote about reopening my pet sit business. I searched the internet for old listings of my business. Finding misinformation on one of the links, I proceeded to correct it. My correction generated a lead for a business that helps optimize and update websites on the internet. Usually, this type of sales call from an internet lead would irritate the \”you know what out of me\”. 
My cellphone rang with the 800 number. I knew immediately it was a sales call. In the past, I would let it go to voicemail, ignoring the sales calls until \”they died on the vine and withered away\”.
Not this time. I picked up. I listened to the salesperson on the other line. Instead of treating him like he was interrupting my life, I listened to what he had to say about my business and what he had to offer.
After a few minutes, I found myself surprisingly not frustrated. I didn\’t cut him off. I continued to listen. 
After he was finished, I asked him some questions and told him what I needed corrected on the internet, about reopening my business, and other concerns I had about my listings. 
He answered my questions and offered suggestions on what he could help me with and how much it would cost. 
I found the cost reasonable and signed up for his service. Since, signing up, I\’ve been really happy with the service and the salesperson who is helping me \”clean up\” my internet listings. He\’s been extremely helpful and available.
More importantly, by not being rude to him when he first called, I like myself better. I like myself better for treating someone kindly and politely instead of brushing them off like they are a nuisance in my day.
Reading \”Little Book of Life\” by Neal Donald Walsch is reminding me how important all of my actions are and how I show up in this life determines how well I can live now and into my future. 


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