Hiking with my Sister

Western Fence Lizard
Sugar Loaf Ridge State Park
Sonoma County, California
This afternoon on a hike with my sister, we scouted out camping sites for an overnight trip. She wants to join me on future overnight adventures. On the nature trail, this lizard posed for us. It was a beautiful day, a crisp hint of cold in the air. Our lizard found a nice sunny spot to soak in the rays.
I signed up again at iNaturalist so I can upload and submit my photos of plant and animal life for identification and to help with sharing information for biodiversity studies. Within minutes, a Naturalist with an impressive Biology background identified my lizard as a Western Fence Lizard.
iNaturalist is free to join and you can download an app for your phone. I donated a monthly amount to support the California Academy of Sciences through iNaturalist in Scott\’s name, in memory of his love for nature. I believe they give you an option to donate to your local Academy of Sciences or similar type of organization.  You don\’t have to spend any money or donate to iNaturalist, your observations help. 
It\’s easy and fun to use.
Back on the trail, my sister and I found this fungi inside of a tree stump.  It reminded me of hanging bats in a cave. I\’m waiting on an identification.
Next week, I hope to take a different hike with my sister exploring the waterfalls in the park. 
Unidentified Fungi


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