Hereford Cow, Meadow, River Trees, Redwoods
Duncan Mills, Northern California
Last night, my sister and I shared a Zoom Screen and took a class from John Holland on Auras. We learned about our seven layer Aura, the energetic frequency of Auras, colors of Auras, and how to cleanse your Auras. 
I am finding that reading and studying, taking Zoom classes, spending time in Nature, contributing my photos (thank you Amy for camera💛) of plant and animal life to  iNaturalist, and exploring the SF Bay Area and Northern California Coastline are helping me rebuild a new life after losing Scott in the physical realm. I am still very much connected to Scott and feel his presence through-out the day and evening. 
On iNaturalist, the photo of fungi (see photo below) that I shared on a previous blog post was identified as Oyster Mushrooms and was picked and included in a Project.  Also, I received a beautiful, personal, heartfelt letter from iNaturalist thanking me for my monthly donation in memory of Scott\’s love of nature. It was a surprise to get a personal letter instead of a generic automated one. It really makes a difference to receive a personal note. 
During our Aura class last night, we learned that Nature, Salt Baths or Salt Scrubs are good for cleansing your Aura of emotional and negative debris. Makes sense to me. I always feel much better after spending time in Nature and taking a Salt Bath.
Oyster Mushrooms
Genus Pleurotus


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