Picnic at River\’s End

Jenner, California
This was my lunch spot view yesterday.
I packed an egg salad sandwich, a small bag of tortilla chips, and water. It was the middle of the day, so most of the animals were hidden from view. I did see quite a few gulls, vultures, and waterfowl too far away to identify or take a good photo of. At the other side of the river\’s end, I did see a sea lion and a whole lot of splashing activity. I\’ve never seen anything like it, it almost looked like a frenzied shark attack, but it wasn\’t. 
When I searched for information about whether great white sharks swim this far up the river, I found a blog written by Australian born best selling Author  Robert Moss, who visited this area in Jenner in 2010. He wrote about the healing power of sharks through dreaming and visioning. As I delved deeper into his blog and writing, I found he has survived three near death experiences and conducts active dreaming workshops. From his website , he now lives on a farm in the upper Hudson Valley area of New York. I am interested in finding out more about his workshops and writings through his blog
Since, Scott crossed over, I have experienced troubling dreams. When I stay positive and use certain types of meditation methods, I can transcend them into a deeper sleep and experience. I am curious about Robert Moss\’s dream teachings and will explore further. 
I am finding that I am becoming more aware of the connections, coincidences, and synchronicity happening in my life. This morning\’s research looking for information on sharks in my area, within minutes leading me to a dream teacher who may be able to help in my healing by teaching me shamanic methods and meditations through active dreaming is a great gift that I am paying attention to. 
Here\’s a description of one of Robert Moss\’s upcoming webinar classes, that I am very interested in:
The course was reasonably priced, and I signed up. My first class is this coming Friday via webinar.

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