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Crescent City
One of our favorite places
I am back from my first dream class with Robert Moss. The class was powerful. It will take me time to take in all that happened. I am incredibly grateful to have found Robert Moss and his classes on dreaming as a way to communicate through portals to larger realities. The class exceeded my expectations.
I went on two journeys. Both were profound and healing. 
The classes help you communicate with lost loved ones, angels, guides, and your higher being. Active dreaming is a way to travel to other realms, to learn, to heal, and to communicate. 
I am speechless really, having a difficult time explaining in words how amazing this experience was. If you are interested in checking out Robert Moss\’s classes and books, you can find them at www.mossdreams.com
In class this morning, Robert said to us that there is an Art to Dying and we are all dying. The 90 minute class flew by. There is so much information here, that it will take me a lifetime to study. I am so up for that!

A Seneca Indian prophet observed that “the dimension that divides the living from the dead is exactly as wide as the edge of a maple leaf.”


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