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The weather is changing here, the temperatures are dropping, and rain is on the way visiting us for the next three days. Snow is predicted to dust the mountains around me. The pet sit business is not a slow go, it\’s a no go right now. In the meantime, this morning, I sent off an email to one of the local farm sanctuaries to volunteer at once or twice a week. I am missing being around goats and horses, especially. Hopefully, I will hear back. If not, I\’m sure volunteer and job opportunities will surface. I am not worried.
I have been keeping a daily journal of my lucid dreams, journeying, and night dreams. My sister has joined me in exploring her dreams as well. In the mornings we review our dreams together, helping each other find meaning, symbolism and signs to guide us and deepen our experience of this life. I\’m going to ask my youngest sister to join us. This way, when signs, symbols, and messages appear in our \”waking life\”, we can be a witness for each other, which helps leave out the critical thoughts of \”am I crazy or is this for real?\”
Tuesday mornings between 9-10 a.m. PST, Robert Moss has a live radio show called \”Way of the Dreamer\”. You can find the link on his web page. I\’m looking forward to listening tomorrow. 
I placed a order for new books by Anne Lamott and Joan Didion along with dream books by Robert Moss. I have stacks of books to read through that will carry me through the next four seasons. 
If I am going to have an obsession, I think books are the healthiest addiction I can entertain.


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