Partnership on the Path

My Card Reading
\”Oracle of the Unicorns Deck\”
by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs
My reading from the Unicorn deck reminds me of how important it is to surround myself with good people. I hope to meet new and old friends volunteering. I am developing a deeper, working relationship with my sister, hopefully both of my sisters, exploring our dreams and spirituality. 
Teamwork and support help on the road to healing.
I love the passage below from the Buddha. It works well with my path paying attention to the now and following dreams, signs and symbols bringing more meaning and depth to my love and life.
Mindfulness is the path to immortality
Negligence is the path to death.
The vigilant never die,
Whereas the negligent are the living dead.
With this understanding,
The wise, having developed a high degree of mindfulness,
Rejoice in mindfulness,
Paying heed to each step on the path.

The Buddha

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