Back to the Farm

Me and the Kids
at my Farm in 2006
I bottle fed the twin boys (alpine goats) at two days old
They passed away from old age at almost twelve years
Fonzi & Coco
Tomorrow, I am back on the farm.
I am volunteering at a local farm sanctuary twice a week. It\’s stormy, cold, and rainy here with a good chance of snow in the mountains. Perfect timing for my first day on the job. I am looking forward to getting up early, before light, having my coffee, writing a bit, and then heading out for farm chores. At the farm sanctuary, I will be helping feed, muck, water, and whatever they need me to do, to help care for the pigs, sheep, goats, horse, chickens, ducks, dogs that are lucky to have found a safe place to land.
This is a well run sanctuary, I\’ve helped out here before.
I hope to have photos and stories for you soon💙 I can\’t wait to hug and be around farm animals again.


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