California Snow and Farm Animals

At the Farm Sanctuary preparing food for the Rescue Pigs
Chopping Celery for the Bowls
It was a nice change of pace helping out at the farm sanctuary this morning. I chopped up veggies, fruit, and added supplements to the pigs\’ bowls of food. I fed the two horses their alfalfa hay barely missing getting kicked by the spicy Andalusian cross, stuffed the feeders with orchard hay for the baby goats and adults and helped feed bowls of food to the rescue pigs.
I mucked out the chicken coop, replacing the nests with clean straw and removing the eggs. 
Two baby goats slipped out when I opened the gate to maneuver the cart in to muck out their sheds. Yikes, it\’s been awhile. I lost my gate skills. One of the volunteers helped me carry back goats. Yes, in our arms! 
My back is screaming!
I can\’t believe how unfit I am. It\’s been three years since I mucked a stall and boy, do I feel it. 
I hope my back will hold out. It was good for me to be outside, working physically, and being around the animals.

At the end of the shift, my clothes were slimed with goat urine, chicken poo, and horse muck. Scott\’s fleece jacket that I promised never to wash is swirling around in lemon Meyer\’s soap in the laundry as I write this post.  

I feel good that I was able to feed animals and make them more comfortable. For two hours, all I thought about were the tasks at hand. 

Simple chores that kicked my butt!

I am looking forward to my next visit, hopefully my back will rest and recover by next week.

Oh, and it snowed!  On the way home, I drove through snow slush.


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