Night Dreams

I can\’t remember where I took this photo
I like the tree standing tall in the background 
and the blurry dream quality of it
Each morning, I type up my dreams of the night before. 
I am learning to find the richness, the signs, the symbols, the meaning and feeling of my dreams from my studies of Robert Moss\’s teachings.  
All of my night dreams, my waking lucid dreams, my shamanic journeys,  my visits through the portal beyond the veil have titles now. This I learned from Robert Moss. For example the other day, I had a vision with Koi and Pink Flamingos. They were the colorful prominent figures in my vision, so they became the title \”Koi and Pink Flamingos\”.  I understand part of the importance of titling dreams is for categorizing and referencing. It is easier to remember how to find my writings on particular dreams when I have the title to refer to.  
Why record my dreams and visions?  It is fascinating to delve into what the meanings may be, to find the symbols and signs in everyday \”waking life\”,  to dig into the dream and follow a thread as a sleuth solving a mystery. I am finding my dreams and visions are leading me to amazing and wonderful experiences like the post I wrote about the \”wedding cake\” a few days ago.
Also, I am noticing, that my relatives who have crossed over are visiting me in my night dreams now that I am paying attention. My pets who have crossed over are now frequenting my dreams as well. Why is this important to me? To be visited by those who have left this realm. Sometimes, I am comforted by their visits, seeing them happy and well. Other times, I find they are bringing messages and meaning to guide me in this realm.  
Keeping a journal of my dreams and visions are a record keeping of the soul and the greater soul beyond this one. 
I am finding that going deeper into my spirituality and the enchanting worlds beyond the physical are lifting the heaviness of grief from my emotional and physical body. 
When we realize it is possible to visit and connect with those we have lost in the physical realm, we understand that we are always connected in love and possibility. 
The other day, I opened up to the greater possibility that as we create the world, the physical world we are in now, we create the life we will be living after this one. That gives \”manifesting ones dreams\” a larger meaning and bigger picture! 
Listening to one of Robert Moss\’s teachings about the After Life, I heard him say something to the effect that we are living an After Life now. This is the after life, from the life we lived before this one. We live life after life, after life.
Add timelessness and a multi-dimensional universe. I find myself captivated, excited, and ready to explore the physical world around me and the ones connected and beyond this one.
The possibilities are endless!


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3 thoughts on “Night Dreams

  1. This is powerful and inspiring. Thank you! The thought that this is the afterlife and we are living life after life after life is a game changer. It means that we have an impact beyond this current life, and the work we do now does not die with our human bodies, but goes with us in the continuation of life beyond this life. How wonderful is that?!


  2. Janet and YogaSOM: Ah yes, I can take it with me forward, thinking about my knowledge and kinship with trees. Learning how the trees live in community with fungi and other trees. Brings a big smile to my face and a lightness to my being.


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