Road Trips

Road Trip

Big, heavy emotion day. Almost three months in Sonoma Valley has taught me a lot about grieving, letting go, doors shutting stopping me from going backwards, and how the impact of losing Scott is changing me in radical ways.  

My bags are packed, our altar has been disassembled and I am moving to another location to continue my studies and classes deepening my spirituality and dream work. I will be staying in the Sonoma Napa Valley area for the next few weeks, maybe until the summer before I make my next move.

One step at a time. 

A big part of me finds comfort in searching for a 55+senior apartment close to family and friends setting up routines and rituals to feel safe and secure. 

My soul shakes this dream off like a wet dog fiercely shaking off a bath. I am not meant to live a life of security and comfort. I am destined to live a life of adventure and deep meaning. 

There is something bigger out there waiting for me. It\’s scary. It\’s humbling. It\’s kind of exciting. I am starting to feel alive again.

So, tomorrow, I move to another home, not my own. 

This time I study, I expand my thinking and ideas, I vision until the answers reveal themselves.

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