Creating from the Invisible

This Afternoon
Storm brewing, waiting outside to pick-up
yellow curry with veggies for an early dinner
Sonoma County, California
It is the in between time. I am waiting for the invisible to become visible. What will my life be like in the coming months?
On Friday, I interview for a volunteer position in Hawaii. An application has been sent to Detroit. I am contemplating filling out an application for an apartment in Sonoma County. 
Since, I made my move to a new temporary residence, choices are appearing that were not here before.
I\’m anxious to get on a plane and meet new people and places. I am wanting more rest, contemplation and solitude and day dream about having an apartment in Sonoma with my own kitchen and living space. Applications need to be filled out and sent. 
In the meantime, I dream. I miss Scott. I imagine. I imagine what my life will be as I let go, allowing myself to let love and beauty consume me opening the gates to my next life in this one.


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