The Last Nomad


Shugri with her book
The Last Nomad
My friend Shugri sent me this radiant photo of herself a few days ago. She is holding her book \”The Last Nomad\”, the memoir of her life as a young child living with her nomadic grandmother in the desert of Somalia and her escape from civil war, finally making a home here in the states. 
\”The desert held many risks, from drought and hunger to the threat of predators, but it also held beauty, innovation, and centuries of tradition. Shugri grew to love the freedom of roaming with her goats and the feeling of community in learning the courtship rituals, cooking songs, and poems of her people. She was even proud to face the rite of passage that all “respectable” girls undergo in Somalia, a brutal female circumcision.\” 
Shugri received her \”not for sale\” copy and now she finds herself on a whirlwind zoom tour of publishing events. I am so happy for her. I believe she is a wonderful writer. Her words and imagery stay with me for a long while and some of her stories will be in my heart forever. 
You can read her short stories on her blog below and her book The Last Nomad will be out in August.
You can preorder her book here:  The Last Nomad
You can find her blog here:  Shugri Salh

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