Signs and Symbols

Walking to the Beach
San Diego, California
Yesterday Afternoon
Yesterday, after the beach, watching part of John Holland\’s zoom class on Spirit Helpers-too exhausted to finish, I saved money on food and had a cup of noodles and a banana for dinner. Here, in San Diego, I hope to lose weight walking and eating better. The water, the weather, the fragrant blossoms entice me to eat well and exercise.
Last night, I did spend time checking rates on renting a furnished room by the beach. I might be able to pull that off. Also, a blog reader invited me to stay with her for a short visit, so I will be talking to her soon. I would love to meet people and hear their stories. I also applied for a volunteer position which covers room and board plus meals in San Diego. Tonight, I have an interview with a volunteer position that covers room and board in Hawaii. I can\’t afford motels everyday especially more expensive ones the closer you get to the beach, so I do need to have other opportunities open up.
I am not the most patient person. My spiritual work and my dream work remind me that spirit has its own time to open doors and how important it is to quiet your mind (not try to make things happen) so that you can hear or see the messages and paths reveal themselves. It\’s all about trust, the trust muscle I neglect to exercise!
Yesterday, walking back from the beach, my spirit helpers gave me a sign that I believe was meant for me to realize I am on the right track taking the chance to leave home and support to come here. As I walked up hill heading to the motel, I noticed a bird sitting on a brown fence, an odd placement for a plastic bird. And not really the place you would find such a yard bird, I picture them on a front yard in Florida or a green lawn in a senior retirement community.
Pink Flamingo
The Pink Flamingo. The Pink Flamingo from my dreams that I wrote about a few days ago and noted in my journal. The pink flamingo was a gateway figure greeting guests at a motel I visioned in one of my shamanic journeys during my Robert Moss teachings.  This Flamingo wasn\’t sitting in front of motel like in the vision, but she was on top of a fence gazing out at the beach on the one block I chose to take back and forth from the restaurant I had lunch at. 
When I took her photo, I smiled and thanked my Angels and Guides. 


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3 thoughts on “Signs and Symbols

  1. Glad that San Diego is welcoming you and you are welcoming her back.Love the flamingo icon. I can only fantasize about fragrant flowers and love that the ocean shows herself at the end of the street.


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