Animal Visitors

Cat Visit
At my Motel Room
Yesterday, I was thinking about how much I miss the wild animals from my hometown. I am used to seeing so many animals through-out the day and night. Here, it\’s mainly gulls who call back and forth. Once in awhile I see  a small pod of pelicans fly by, a lone egret, and a sandpiper or two. Oh and perfectly groomed dogs everywhere. There is no room for wildlife here. The bungalows, hotels, estates, businesses, and apartment buildings are built right up to the sand. Quite different from Northern California.
Later in the afternoon, as I was sitting in my motel room, an impressive sized silk black raven flew onto the rail in front of my window and studied me from his perch. He stayed for a few short minutes and disappeared. A couple of hours later, a cat appeared at my door. I opened the door as he stretched his healthy body, serenely walking towards me. I softly rubbed him across his back. He tried to come into my room. Unfortunately, I had to discourage him. He was clearly not a stray, most likely living at the bungalows next door. I haven\’t seen one unkempt animal around here.
Two puzzling out of the ordinary visits in one afternoon. I can\’t grasp the meaning except that I was missing a connection to animal friends.
Later this morning, I have a phone interview with a local dog rescue. The Hawaii call did not manifest, I don\’t know what happened there. We were scheduled for a Google meet and the coordinator did not show up. I decided the Detroit opportunity wasn\’t a good fit. 


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One thought on “Animal Visitors

  1. inspired by your raven:The Crow Whisperer


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