Life in Dreams

Can you see the spider web?
Bungalow garden along the sidewalks near my room
A late start this morning found me walking a few blocks until I happened upon a small grocer, the expensive kind with luscious fruit and veggies beckoning from the shop window. I picked up red juicy strawberries, an orange, a big beet salad with goat cheese, a carton of chicken salad stuffed with sweet cranberries and crunchy celery and a coffee to go. Everything cost $26 plus change. The food should last me until check-out on Tuesday, if so, I will find myself below the food budget. Yes!
After tucking my groceries into the motel fridge, I called a reader of this blog who graciously invited me to stay with her in San Diego. We had a beautiful conversation with meaning and connection. She has invited me out to lunch next week to continue our meeting. I love this part of my life unfolding, connecting with people and learning about their lives that touch my own experiences.
My shamanic journeying with the help of Robert Moss is calling me to stay close to the coast and the sea. My critical mind tries to chip away at these dreams with fears of not having enough money, running out of money, and what ifs. The last shamanic journey I adventured on is guiding me towards Hawaii. I am close, very close to taking the leap through the blue sea to the islands. 
In the meantime, in San Diego, at the beach, I watched gulls today perform spectacular feats of flying rivaling the circus acrobats in Cirque du Soleil. And it was free! I laughed with delight, I could tell they were having so much fun. Further out, a grey pelican glided over the ocean. I was surprised to see her bank towards me and several feet later fly right over my head as I sat on a bench on the boardwalk. The spirit animals are here. I am not alone.
Surfer after the Waves
San Diego, California


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