More Downsizing

My Motel Room
San Diego
So, the goal is to downsize to one backpack. I\’m almost there. I threw out bottles of essential oils this morning- it freaked me out thinking the oil might break and stain the small cache of clothes I own. I learned traveling over the last few years with Scott, that I don\’t need much to be happy, stay clean, and be presentable. Letting go of coloring my hair saves me time and money. To be honest, I don\’t use hair product anymore except a small amount of shampoo and leave in conditioner that I can pick up at most places I pay to stay or if I need to, I can buy small bottles. 
My personal care items fit into one small pouch.
Small pouch fits in backpack
I haven\’t worn make-up since I was twenty-five, thirty years ago! So, that saves a lot of space and money.
Some of the hotels have laundry rooms, which I will take advantage of to wash my jeans and fleece jacket. Eventually, I will let go of the jeans and only buy clothes that are easier to travel in.  
Most of the time I wash and rinse my clothes in the bathroom sink and hang dry in the bathroom or near the AC or Heater. Where I\’m staying at in San Diego, the surfer girls hang their swimwear (I\’ve never seen such tiny bikinis), shorts and tops on the rails outside their rooms to dry.
My backpack is pretty heavy. Scott warned me about that and suggested I get a lighter pack, which I might look for in the next few days. That will make things easier, even though I have tossed quite a few things out. 
Since, I live so simply, my main focus is quality clothes and shoes at a minimum. It is working out great so far as long as I follow the weather from the high 50\’s – up.


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