A Detour?

Me leaning on Scott for a selfie last summer
at Jedediah State Park
I look at this picture and I don\’t recognize her anymore. She was so happy, on her adventure with her soulmate that she looked for her entire life, finally finding him at age 52. They were both 52. Born the same year in 1965. 
When I met Scott a few years ago, I found my home.
Yesterday, I took a selfie of myself. I look like a different person. I can see the sadness. I can see the wear and tear that grief has done a number on me. 
I can also see resilience and a sparkle of hope in one eye.

I refuse to give up on life.

This morning, my youngest sister called me. She dreamed a lucid dream of Scott in the wee dark hours this morning. In her dream, I was busy, pulling my stuff together (packing?).  Scott was sitting in a chair, smiling, strong, healthy, filled with light watching me. My sister said to him \”You are here, you are alive?\”. Scott smiled at her and said \”yes, I am\”. My sister said to Scott, \”you know, she has had a hard time with you not being here\”. Scott replied, \”I know, that\’s why I am here, watching over her.\” My sister said, \”let me know you are not a ghost, give me a fist bump. If my hand doesn\’t go through you, I know you are real.\”

And Scott did. My sister said she felt him. He\’s here. 

I believe it. I can feel him too.

My sister and I continued our morning conversation. She is getting her COVID vaccine this afternoon. She told me to look into it, before I go on the next leg of my trip. 

I\’m looking into it. It seems my number is up next, to get vaccinated.

That means a detour. I can only get the vaccine in my hometown. So I will head back before I make a big leap. 

I don\’t know when I am going back \”home\”. I will probably wait until my vaccine appointment is scheduled or close to it.

It will be a detour. 

That\’s okay. Traveling is in my blood.

Detours won\’t stop me.


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