Early Morning Singing

Yesterday\’s Walk
San Diego, California
The bird\’s are up early this morning, singing. So am I. 
I walked to the corner and bought a cup of coffee to go, a banana, and a muffin. I hear myself humming tunes. I don\’t know where they come from. Well, one I do know. It\’s the theme song to Hawaii 5-0, the others are random. I think happiness is returning. I feel the heaviness in my body and spirit lifting.
Yesterday, I did cry on and off through the afternoon. I miss Scott. I talk to him everyday and tell him what I\’m doing, even though I am pretty clear that he probably knows what I\’m doing and where I am heading better than I do.
I never feel alone, just missing his physical presence, our conversations, our packing and excitement moving to new places, seeing new things.
I haven\’t decided if I\’m taking the bus or Lyft to my next destination. I would like to take the bus. I find public transportation relaxing.  I like being around people, feeling like a local and looking out the window. COVID is still a bit high around here, so I\’m leaning towards safety and the more expensive option of private transport.
Later, this afternoon, I\’m taking an online class via Zoom with my sister on Intuition.


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