The Coyote

Free Appetizer
I was able to get everything into one backpack. It\’s so much better traveling on foot with one pack instead of two. I did decide to take Lyft over to the another part of town I will be staying in for next few days, instead of the public bus since I might need to stay over at my sister\’s for a couple of days while I get my vaccine and I don\’t want to risk exposure. I\’m trying to be extra cautious by spending most of my time, if not all of my time, with people outside instead of inside.
At the hotel, an older worn establishment on a busy intersection near the freeway in what looks like an industrial area near the oldest part of town, I asked for walking instructions to an inexpensive place to eat. Within a few blocks are parks, churches, a shopping area, and good food. The people working here are extremely nice, the rooms are clean, there is a pool that I plan to swim in, and a laundry facility. You can hear the constant hum of cars, sirens, and helicopters go by and fly overhead during the day and night. I like it. I feel comfortable here. 
The hotel clerk handed me a card for a restaurant that he suggested served good food. After settling into my room and organizing my stuff, I walked towards town, finding my way through a tunnel under the train station opening into blocks and blocks of historical buildings, a state park, shops and cafes with ample outdoor seating. I looked down at the business card to find the name of the restaurant, Coyote. I smiled thinking how perfect, taking in the familiarity and synchronicity of one of Scott and my favorite animal familiars who we encountered on our hikes and travels and the recent sightings of coyotes I\’ve experienced with my sister. The restaurant turned out to be a good choice, the waiter sent me a \”free\” appetizer after I handed him the business card (see photo). The veggie combo platter was stuffed with enchiladas in a tangy verde sauce along with tacos filled with potatoes and a tostada covered in avocados and veggies. I packaged most of it to section out for future meals at my room. 
San Diego, Calfornia

Today, I don\’t think I\’m going to venture out. I haven\’t decided yet. I have to do laundry and after a full night\’s sleep, I find myself tired. 

The hotel here provides coffee, and breakfast items. I have more than enough food, reading, and maybe a movie to keep my day full. And my interview with Hawaii.


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