A Light Step

When I left my Hotel in La Jolla, it looks like
I left salads and healthy food as well. At least for today!
Lunch in San Diego
This morning I felt light. My spirit has lifted. I believe its the work I keep doing, the studying, the meditations, the journeys, my writing, keeping my heart open, you, and the beautiful physical world we live in.
John Holland  teaches that our soulmates, and we have more than one, are our ground crew. We come here together and help each other along the way from this side and the other side. Along with our ground crew, we have a team of spirits helping us including Archangels, angels, spirit animals, spirit helpers, our beloved departed, Spiritual Masters (think Buddha & Jesus), and spirit guides. 
That is a lot of helpers. Whether you believe it or not, I believe we have them. I can tell you there is no way, I\’ve been doing this life without them. 
When I was twenty-two, I met my \”committee\”. It was at the dentist of all places. I\’ve written about this before. 
I was at the dentist to get my wisdom teeth pulled. The nurse knocked me out with liquid I drank from a cup she handed me to gulp down and another drug through an IV poked somewhere in my hand or arm, I can\’t remember. I just remember counting and then I left my body and followed the light, traveling through the light bulb above the dentist chair. 
While the dentist was performing the extraction, I found myself in a conference room with a long table. Around the table, were spirit beings that looked like they were in human form. I recognized and felt them right away. I sat at the table. I felt surrounded by unconditional love, a love I hadn\’t felt before in my young life here. I don\’t remember much of our meeting, just one thing stands out. They were proud of me. They overwhelmingly thought I was doing a great job. I remember questioning them. How can that be? I\’m only twenty-two. I did not think I was doing that great. They assured me I was.
When I woke up in the dentist chair, I remember the look of concern on the nurse and dentist\’s face as they were shaking me awake. I remember I didn\’t want to leave my committee. I wanted to go back to that love, to my friends.
I sat stunned, in a daze, waiting for my prescription of percodan.
Later, I would use up that bottle of percodan to try and get back to the committee. It didn\’t work. Drugs and booze, I would come to find out are the worst kind of way to try and connect to the spirit world and your own higher being and self.
This morning, I remembered what John Holland had said about the ground crew, and how Scott is part of my ground crew. So he\’s always out there and here rooting for me, cheering me on. I can feel him and my guides the most when I am happy and living life at a high vibration. When I am living life as a gift, not as a burden. 
It\’s not easy living life as a gift when you miss someone who is not physically here anymore whether that be a person or an animal. 
It helps though, to know, that we really are never alone. I believe we all have a \”committee\” and they love us unconditionally whether we believe they are here or not.


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