Bunny Trickster

Cottontail Rabbit 
You can see her white baboon butt (cottontail) as she tears around the corner
from me 
San Diego
This afternoon, I played the video from my zoom class on Dreaming Your Mythic Life.
I listened as Robert Moss described the tricksters that upset our path, the mythic animals that cause havoc and disruption for humans and Gods.
Tricksters are notorious for causing detours along the sure path. Life would be pretty boring without the trickster. What kind of life would we have if it weren\’t for obstacles and detours?
Smooth paths and knowing every twist and turn, navigating the obstacles with ease, a life with no surprises, doesn\’t sound like much of a life to me.
Tricksters love to cause detours. Wikipedia describes tricksters as being those who \”violate principles of social and natural order, playfully disrupting normal life and then re-establishing it on a new basis\”.
After my dream class, an alert beeped on my phone. It was a message from the Whale Watch trip I booked for Sunday letting me know the outing has been cancelled due to mechanical issues with the vessel. 
Instead of being disappointed and upset that my trip had been cancelled and I am not able to book another one before I leave San Diego, I decided to let it go and see what happens this weekend. My last weekend in San Diego without plans.
This afternoon, I pushed myself out the door instead of moping around. It\’s important for me to get out, to feel my grief and go beyond it.
Walking to town, I took a different route through the state park finding a small wild area set aside for native plants. It was inevitable I would come upon the trickster in my travels. Entering the area of historical buildings and native gardens, a cottontail rabbit popped out. 
The trickster. One of the three animals Robert mentioned in my recorded class today. The other two being the fox and coyote. 
Rabbits are known tricksters in worldwide mythology spilling over into modern day fiction. 
 \”When momentarily I appear to be cornered or in dire danger and I scream, don\’t be consoined – it\’s actually a big put-on. Let\’s face it, Doc. I\’ve read the script and I al­ready know how it turns out.\” 
-Bugs Bunny, the most famous modern day wabbit
The Trickster
This afternoon in San Diego
I was still surprised to see her since this small patch of wilderness was within feet of the train station and bus routes. I spent a long while in the bunny\’s company until she ran around the corner to the other side of the dry bushes and cactus (see first photo above).
Before she left, she ran up to the log as close as she could get to me without entering the paved walk area and gave me a look. I just had my cellphone so that\’s why the photo is fuzzy, but I think you can tell the trickster definitely has her eyes on me.
San Diego


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