Sacred Raven

Raven Shrine
San Diego
In mythology, the Raven is an enigma. Sometimes the Raven is seen as a messenger, a guardian. In other myths and signs, the Raven is a dark force portending bad omens, death.
A few days ago, in La Jolla, a Raven visited me. I looked out my hotel room surprised to find him on the railing outside my door. Later, I learned from my friend who has lived in San Diego for many years that they are uncommon here.
At my new hotel, I walk several blocks through an industrial area to cross over to the old part of town where the restaurants and shops are. For the last couple of days, I waited at the stoplight, looking down at the gutter and a dead Raven\’s body, her silk black feathers still shining in the sunlight. Her beautiful body almost perfect except for the exit of her spirit. For two days at least, I said my peace to her and left her body on the street near the traffic lights.
This morning, I found her again. This time I decided to honor her life and the Raven by carrying her body to a blanket of grass. Placing her body on the soft ground, I gathered sun yellow flowers decorating her rich black feathers, her body almost still perfect.
Why did I do this?  
It feels kind of crazy, but not. 
The Ravens have been good to me. I am not afraid of their darkness. Their messages. Their power.
Something in me wanted to honor that, so I honored the Raven who is now gone.
Later, this afternoon, I walked by the Raven feeling her message buried in flowers of sunlight.
We are dark and light. Light and dark. We can\’t live with one without the other.
There is beauty hidden in both. 


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5 thoughts on “Sacred Raven

  1. Dear Janet, Your posts have become the first thing I read every morning, a part of the routine of my favorite part of the day — those minutes, that hour through the veils of Dreamtime, into consciousness of my daily world. I am with you on your journey for these few minutes, just you and me in the dark and a cup of green tea. This morning as I read about the raven on a soft and final bed of green grass, covered with yellow daisies, I am reminded of the fact that things have always come into my yard, and even my house, to die. I think they are drawn here because they intuit that i will give them a blessing in their final resting place, that I will love that they come to me in their last moments and honor their little lives. Thank you for sharing thoughts and writings, your travels through the physical world, through your new grief, and into the spiritual world. My partner and soulmate is not a young man and I treasure every moment we do still have together.Thank you, and blessing in your week ahead, Cynthia


  2. One doesn't that often see dead birds, considering how many there are. I always find it poignant. Last Winter a little dove died right outside my window. I don't know what from. I picked her up and \”spoke to her spirit\”, then laid her down under a bush so some creature might find sustenance in what remained of her body. I don't fear black birds either. I think they are amazing. I love how you decorated the raven with yellow flowers. Yes, I believe birds carry messages too.


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