Troubling Dreams

Cactus, Flowers, and Lamps
Outdoor Dining
San Diego, California
One balmy spring evening, I took myself out to dinner here, in San Diego. It was tougher than I thought. I got through the meal, enjoying it with a glass of Sangria. Afterwards, the grief struck me and I stood in the middle of the park gazing out to the couples, groups of families, and friends strolling through the town square. I felt like I was separated by a dream, a dream I wanted to wake up from. I wanted Scott to be here.
Every night, I have troubling dreams, problematic dreams, dreams trying to work out my daytime challenges. I find myself traveling backwards and forwards in time looking for Scott, finding Scott, losing Scott. I encounter strangers and strange situations in my night time trips.
During the day, my shamanic journeys and visions are magical. I fly, swim, and leap into worlds of friends, familiars, soulmates, and guides. I am handed symbols, given signs and information. I bathe in sacred waterfalls, and ride the clouds on white winged horses.
Dreams are how our souls speak to us. When we don\’t listen to our soul, we can find our dreams leave us. Nights turn dark, our imaginations run stale. 
I am finding the worlds beyond this one help me on my path in this one. 
There are so many dream interpretation books out there and resources on the meaning of dreams. I have found Robert Moss goes beyond all of that.
One of the resources, I can send you to that does not cost anything is Robert Moss\’s radio show.  Here you can find an archive of treasures. And a show on troubling dreams and nightmares. Some people are afraid of doing dream work because of the dark dreams they have encountered in the past. In one of the archived shows, there is guidance on how to navigate and work with scary dreams. They are carrying important messages for us as well.
Dreaming, journeying, and visioning can deepen our lives here, speaking to us from other realms within a whisper of this one.


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