Warm San Francisco Nights

San Francisco Nights
Eric Burdon
Scott knew Eric Burdon\’s voice sang to my soul. Every time The Animals would play on the radio or War one of the bands played often on turntables and the radio in the City when I was a kid, I would turn to Scott and say \”that\’s my favorite\”.
Scott would smile and say \”I know\”. When we traveled on the road, Scott would make cds for the car with playlists for the type of road trip we were going on.
After, he crossed over, and I drove the van for the last time, I looked at the visor above the driver\’s seat and found the last cd, he made for me, it was \”Jethro Tull\”, another favorite of mine. 
Last night, I played Eric Burdon over and over. The Animal\’s first record was in 1962, three years before Scott and I were born in 1965, but they ran through our blood. We grew up on this music, hearing it in our mothers\’ wombs I\’m sure.
Listening to San Francisco Nights , has brought up so many memories of my childhood and teen years growing up in the City. I am feeling my spirit want to dig in and discover my City\’s heart and soul again. I found a hostel, an awesome hostel in one of the neighborhoods I grew up in and near over the years. I want to return there for several days and walk the city, feel what I can find. I am tempted to jump in after San Diego, but I am going to wait and get the vaccine.
Then, I\’ll go and feel the warm San Francisco nights.


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