My Sister walking ahead of me
This afternoon in the Fillmore District 
San Francisco

This afternoon, my sister picked me up in front of San Francisco International Airport. I let her know earlier I would treat her to lunch for the ride. She wanted to revisit the Japanese Restaurant we had lunch at on our way in a couple of weeks ago to drop me off at the airport.  

Back in the City, on Bush Street, we drove by and saw a closed sign in the Japanese Restaurant\’s window. I could tell my sister was disappointed. I suggested we try an Indian Restaurant, another favorite cuisine of hers.

I found a place in the Fillmore District so we headed over. The day was warm, in the seventies. I don\’t have much experience in the Fillmore. I remember my parents talking about the legends who played there when they were teenagers in the City. My dad has a love for  jazz and started his own high school band in the late fifties, early sixties. He played the saxophone. 

The Fillmore
San Francisco
In the 1960\’s Urban Renewal pushed out the African American Community, shuttering jazz clubs and black owned business and communities. 
This afternoon, I took photos of The Fillmore and walked past the Boom Boom Room, temporarily closed during COVID. There is a jazz revival happening and I\’m curious enough to return to the City and listen to bands when music opens up again. It will be rough, it will be hard to go without Scott. 
I am reminded he is always with me, so I know in my heart he will be there. It still hurts, though.
Fillmore District
Reading a letter today from a friend of mine, she suggested that the West Coast and this area was my \”home\”. She feels it in my writing. 
It is \”home\”.  No matter how many times I try to runaway from home, or dream about living somewhere else, I will always be pulled back here.
After lunch, my sister set her navigator for Sonoma. I smiled hearing the navigator\’s voice instruct us to turn on \”Scott Street\”. I don\’t remember ever taking Scott Street to the bridge. My sister didn\’t either. 
This afternoon \”Scott Street\”  took us from the Fillmore (jazz district, of course Scott:) through one of the most beautiful scenic routes through the City. 
We traveled by bright-colored Victorians with their apartment windows propped open, lace curtains fluttering in the spring scented air, in the distance we could see the bright blue of the sparkling bay and one eye-catching white sailboat caressing the sea. 
It was so much beauty, I could barely take it all in. 
Within minutes we found ourselves on the Golden Gate, I looked out my passenger side window searching for humpback whales before the tunnel ahead swept me away carrying me home.
Himalayan Restaurant
Fillmore District
Veggie Korma, Garlic Naan and Chai Tea



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