Catching Up

Special Thank You Cards from Me
This morning, I am catching up sending thank you cards to the readers of this blog who send donations. I also send cards out with my book giveaways. I choose each card by intuition for each person and write a personal note inside. Every donation receives a card if I have your address. If for some reason, you have not received a card, it\’s most likely because I don\’t have your mailing address, so please email me, so I can get a card to you.
I love sending cards. And I love receiving messages that the cards spoke personally to the person receiving it. Many times I get an email back saying \”how did you know that was my favorite animal?\” or \”the message was just what I needed\”.
It makes my heart feel good, that I can give something back along with this blog for the gifts you give.
Later, this morning I will taking another Dream Class for a couple of hours and will be going on shamanic journeys to bring back the gifts of signs & symbols, connection, love, and guidance. 
I hope to explore and spend time in nature while I\’m back here at home in the Sonoma Valley. 
My COVID vaccine series will be completed by the end of April which opens the doors for travel or who knows what will come in the months ahead.


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