Sidewalk Oracles
Playing with Signs, Symbols, and
Synchronicity in Everyday Life
\”Real magic is the art of bringing gifts from another world 
into this world\”
-Robert Moss
Last night I opened Robert Moss\’s book Sidewalk Oracles for the first time. His words danced around and within awakening me further to the play of synchronicity in my life, our lives. Robert Moss\’s enthusiasm, excitement, and passion guiding people to pay attention and dive into their sleeping and waking dreams to bring back gifts of healing, guidance, challenge, and adventure is thrilling and self affirming.
Yesterday, a voice within prodded me to call the clinic a day ahead to see about scheduling my COVID shot. Our local morning paper with blaring headlines described an upcoming disorder of confusion and lack of vaccines for my age group which wouldn\’t be sorted out in time. A sense of despair and frustration loomed for many of us.
I ignored the headlines, listened to the voice within and made the phone call. Within a couple of hours, I had scheduled a same day appointment, a day early for my age group for my first COVID shot. My sister on her phone was trying to secure an appointment with her doctor\’s office. She couldn\’t get through.  
We decided, we would go together to my appointment and see if they could fit her in right behind me at my providers.  
Arriving at the Fairgrounds for the vaccine, the parking lot was almost empty. The warnings from the local newspaper, the calendar being early and off by one day for our age category, and the confusion and misinformation circulating around the community opened doors for those who chose not to pay attention to negativity and hearsay and the trickster was not in play to disrupt the smooth passage.
The system in place was smooth and efficient. After receiving my first vaccine, I hopped back in my sister\’s car and we both noticed right away, the time on the digital clock. 
2:22 (My synchronicity number with Scott).
My sister and I drove to an outdoor dining restaurant on the other side of town to toast, to celebrate.  My sister got her shot too. Due to the lack of appointments, there were leftover vaccines.
We are both scheduled on the same day to receive our booster shot.
The world is opening up for me in so many ways. I remain grateful, thanking all of the forces out there in this world and the infinity of realms outside of this one helping and guiding us if we choose to pay attention, look for the signs, and listen.

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