Back to Nature

Sonoma Valley Hike 

There is an assortment of diverse parks and wilderness areas within a few miles of where I am staying in the Sonoma area. I am going to take advantage of being close to nature as much as possible while I am here. The parks are challenging to get to without a car or bike,  so I will have to rely on friends and family with cars wanting to go on hikes or spend time in nature. 

Yesterday, my sister wanted to go for a hike. I happily went along bringing my camera. On this hike, we traveled down a trail into a pristine paradise of Lilliputian waterfalls, pure pools of water, finding weaves of spider webs adorning the path. 

\”Vision is the art of seeing
what is invisible to others\”
-Jonathan Swift
I found a soft boulder with curves made for sitting and spent almost an hour listening to the fall and splash of water, watching three vultures effortlessly sweep the top of the trees and sky above me. Sun-dusted orange butterflies with symbols for eyes to ward off hungry predators flitted about. One swift butterfly headed towards me vanishing in a forest of mint green leaves.
There is a peace in nature that is so exquisite and primordial, I cannot grasp it anywhere else.
I love losing myself in the forest and feeling the oneness of life in a timeless space.

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