Living a Life of Purpose and Passion

Today is Scott\’s Earth Birthday.
I am reminded of how much he taught me when he was here physically and how much he is still teaching me about living a full life, an unbounded life.
When I met Scott, he wanted to travel. He wanted a travel companion.
I had so many limitations of why I couldn\’t travel. I never thought I had enough money. I worried incessantly about how to make travel happen.
Looking back, I can\’t believe how patient, and sometimes not so patient Scott was with my limiting beliefs.
Every day through-out the day since Scott\’s physical passing, memories surface of our travels and adventures together. In three short years, we didn\’t go everywhere we wanted to go, but we did hit the road and travel to places we had never seen or experienced before. 
I pushed passed so many limitations I\’ve written about on this blog and past blogs, I thank Scott for that.
Scott taught me to live beyond my fears of lack. 
He would say \”Janet, you can\’t have everything, but you can have the important things. You just have to decide what they are\”.
Today, I miss Scott. Everyday, through-out the day I miss Scott. 
The tears still flow, but most of the time now, they flow with joy and thankfulness that Scott was and continues to be in my life loving me as I love him.
He is a gift unto this world.
As his love and presence breathe and live within me, I will continue his dream of travel. I will push passed my limitations and fear. I will honor what he gave me.
I will continue to live an unbounded life and make him smile.
His smiles were the best, they filled me with love and light and still do.
Happy Birthday Honey,


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