May Travel

Spider Web and Waterfall
Sonoma Valley
A couple of days ago
The first part of May, I will be traveling to a fishing and logging town surrounded by forests of redwoods and a rugged coastline featuring marine sanctuaries and a glass beach. It is a few hours north of here. 
For at least two weeks, I will help on a farm with like-minded people who volunteer to lovingly grow vibrant sustainable gardens, harvesting abundant vegetables, fruits, and herbs to feed over 200 seniors in the community. The farm is off grid powered by our glorious sun.
I don\’t know what I will be assigned to do. My heart and mind are open and my hands are willing to do whatever is needed to be of service in this beautiful community. I will be staying in a cabin, a tent, or maybe a room in main housing. The nearby ocean is teeming with sea life and there are bicycles provided to ride into town a short couple of miles away.
There is limited Wifi. I do have a hotspot, I pay for, so I should be able to continue blogging everyday. If for some reason, I have trouble with access, I can blog on my time off in town at one of the cafes.
This will be my first live/work volunteer exchange and I am so excited to finally have the chance to be of service, meet new people, and live in community.

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