What Makes One Feel Alive

Spring Treat
Strawberry Ice Cream in the machine
Last night
“Preparing to live your dream is postponing it. You are either living it, or not.”

― Alan Cohen

When I am moving, exploring, engaging with people I do not know, experiencing new things, traveling an area I have never traveled before, I feel most alive.
As Abraham-Hicks teaches \”If you are not excited about it, you are not on the right path\”.
I was raised and mostly surrounded by family and friends who put all of their energy in security. Houses represented security. A fixed home is a safe place for them. From there, they feel secure to follow their dreams or to just feel comfortable.
I never wanted to buy a home. Many years ago, working in the real estate business, I was surrounded by people who invested most of their energy, manifesting and life force in selling and buying homes. For several years, I got caught up in the whirlwind of buying real estate, eventually I also believed my home was my security. If I owned a home, I would never end up in the dreaded \”cardboard box\”.  
The universe had different ideas for me. I did as well. I took risks. I bought horses, adopted dogs, rescued abandoned horses and goats, and tried my hand at having a farm. In the end I lost it all, until Scott reminded me I did not. I just lost the real estate. I didn\’t lose the dream. I did it. I had a farm for many years. 
I moved on to new dreams.
The other day I was driving by the suburbs. I got a sinking feeling. I have an application in for affordable housing in the suburbs. 
It\’s the secure thing to do.
I don\’t want to live in the suburbs. I don\’t want a life of security.
I remember long ago, reading Eric Butterworth\’s teachings about security. He explained where you can find security, a place where your meals are prepared for you, your bed and shelter is taken care of for you. 
It\’s called jail. 
I don\’t want three hots and a cot.  
I want to live my dreams.
It\’s not easy living my dreams. I have to fight the dragons everyday. The dragons of fear, lack, old ways of thinking and always more obstacles, the twists and turns along the path.
This is what makes the journey exciting and sweet when you reach what you are looking for.
A few weeks ago, taking that first step, a heavy pack strapped to my back, I was reaching for the abyss of unknowing. I didn\’t know what was ahead of me.
When I look back and see how the path led me to San Diego, an adventure and healing I desperately needed, I am in awe.
When I first took that step, I had no idea where the journey was taking me.
It knew and carried me along. I just had to have the courage to go.
Everyday, I have to face and bring forth that courage for today.
So my dreams will be realized tomorrow.

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