Praising the Sun

Meyer Lemon
for my drinking water
This afternoon
My body stretched out on the lounge chair, I rest facing the sun, closing my eyes. The warmth lulled me to a sleepy waking state as a crow quietly moaned a subdued call from her nest above. With my eyes closed oranges and golden yellows blended together reminding me of childhood popsicles and running through sprinklers.
As the sun beats down on me, the Norse Sun Goddess Sunna rides across the sky in her chariot pulled by two golden horses. She is chased by the Wolf Skoll who keeps her on course. For Sunna, this is a pleasurable game. My dreams deepen and my spirit is lifted, I am feeling the excitement of a young girl packing for her first summer camp away from home. 
A fine mist gently awakens me, escaping from the talisman that hangs above the yoke of the golden horses to prevent their suffering from heatstroke. The Sun Goddess and her horses vanish from the blue sky and I find myself uncomfortably hot, the sun soaking the red clay patio, the heat rising, pushing me to get up and fix myself a thermos of cold ice water with slices of bright meyer lemons.
Earlier, I received an email. My date is set for my kind of summer camp. A volunteer work away near the Pacific Ocean on a permaculture farm. I\’ve been assigned my own cabin, and I am grateful to have my own space on the land. 
May is around the corner and I will be leaving for my next adventure. I\’m beginning to feel the wonder again.


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